Fire OG is said to be one of the most powerful Kush strains.  Kush strains are named for the powerful, disease-resistant strains derived from the Hindu Kush mountain area.  These boast some of the highest THC levels and some of the most powerful effects.  Some have claimed Fire OG to be the most powerful Kush available, although its THC levels only reach around 24% while some Kush varieties can approach 30% THC.  However, most experienced smokers have noticed, THC level is not the only metric that determines the strength of a particular weed.  There are other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and other substances in the whole plant leaf that greatly aid in and determine the effects of the weed strain and it is clear that Fire OG has some special genetics brought out by seasoned breeding experts.

Delivery time 10 -15 working days.

Fire OG will literally floor you, or rather lock you to the couch with a wave of powerful relaxation.  The body will feel heavy but pain-free.  You will experience tingling sensations, warmth, and euphoria.

Fire OG may give you the munchies and put you to sleep, so be ready for those eventualities by doing a little preparation beforehand.  You want to have your environment set up to get the most out of this powerful weed.  First, you want to be surrounded by friends and family, because you may end up taking a nap and don’t want to do that around strangers.  Next, you will want some food prepared, either a whole meal or some healthy snacks.  Fire OG munchies may be intense and you may crave cheesy, fatty foods, so find something that will not put you in a food coma, but which will be able to satiate you.  You will want to have some music or TV as entertainment, or just have stimulating conversations with your buddies.  This weed will help you get the most enjoyment out of time spent with friends and family as your stress and worries will be dissolved and you will have a more agreeable demeanor.

Growing Fire OG plants is said to be very difficult.  Fire OG grows best under highly controlled conditions.  This strain is best grown indoors by professionals.

Data sheet

Indica dominant
San Fernando Valley OG Kush - OG Kush
Flowering time
85 - 90 days
Yield Indoor
500 gram
THC content
18 - 24%