The team at Barney’s Farm took Phantom Cookies and crossed her with the ever-legendary OG Kush to bring us a real treat. Phantom OG, as they named their new creation, shines with a superb taste and provides a warm, cerebral high and relaxing stone. Production and yields are excellent as well. Phantom OG is a fantastic sativa-dominant hybrid that you absolutely will want to grow!

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Phantom Cookies from Northern California is a delightful strain that brings a whole bunch of amazing traits to the table. Among them is her unique taste, which intricately blends earthy tones and fruit flavours with a very distinct nutty aroma. Above all, however, is her phenomenal effect that delivers a mind-blowing euphoria which shakes you awake with creativity and happiness.

Barney’s Farm took this amazing lady and crossed her with a good old friend, the always reliable OG Kush. They called the fabulous offspring Phantom OG. The slightly sativa-dominant hybrid (55% sativa) has the flavour of Phantom Cookies, but now with OGK's legendary chilling power, much higher yields, and fast and reliable growth.

Indoors, Phantom OG can reach a height of 1.2 meters. She will develop an abundance of aromatic buds that will have wonderful purple hues in only 55 to 65 days, which is quite short for a sativa. Outdoors, she won’t get much taller and will normally reach a height of 1.5m. Thanks to the reliable OG genetics, there is not much to growing her, so even less-experienced cultivators can look forward to good results in no time. As an added bonus, the strain also has a good natural resistance against botrytis, and can also tolerate colder temperatures well. Growers have reported yields as high as 650g/plant in good outdoor conditions.

When you smoke Phantom OG, you will enjoy a unique mix of flavours. The walnut tones from Phantom Cookies mix with the sweeter, fruity berry notes of OGK's earthiness.

The effect of Phantom OG is quite phenomenal. The sativa genetics make for a great euphoria that’s positive, creative, and uplifting. But at the same time, she will also wrap you in layers of warm and comfortable relaxation with a highly enjoyable indica body buzz. This makes the strain an awesome smoke that you can enjoy on any occasion and at any time of the day. Relaxing and mood-lifting all at once!

Barney’s Farm did an excellent job with Phantom OG. Her outstanding flavour profile and highly enjoyable effects make this lady a hybrid that stands out from many others. Once again, top Cali cannabis genetics at their finest.

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