Peyote Cookies by Barney’s Farm is a fantastic Indica-dominant hybrid that doesn’t compromise a thing despite the fact that she’s easy and fast to grow. She brings massive yields, a superb blend of coffee and vanilla aroma and spectacular potency to the table. Peyote Cookies is a good strain if you want a smoke for ultimate relaxation that tastes awesome and which you can grow without hassles.

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By creating Peyote Cookies, Barney’s Farm wanted to make a new hybrid that brings together the best of their Peyote Purple and the legendary Cookies Kush. Their breeding efforts absolutely paid off because Peyote Cookies turned out a spectacular strain where they managed to do exactly this!

Peyote Cookies is a 95% Indica that shines with many qualities. Interesting for the cannabis grower is that she has some substantial growing vigour along with a natural resistance against mould and powdery mildew. This makes Peyote Cookies a very easy-growing plant that even new growers can get their hands on with a good chance for a nice harvest in a rather short time.

Peyote Cookies stays rather short and compact and will rarely grow taller than 100cm. This makes her a good strain to grow even if your space is somewhat limited. To make up for her rather compact size she will grow a bunch of side-branches that will soon be brimming with tons of fat buds that will be glistening from sticky resin. You can expect yields of up to 600g/m² if you grow her under a 600W light in a pleasantly short flowering time of only 7-8 weeks.

Peyote Cookies, despite of her compact size is definitely not a lightweight when it comes to her smoke. With a staggering 21% of THC she delivers a very powerful, calming and super-relaxing effect that’s just perfect if you want to de-stress at the end of a busy day. Her aroma is spectacular as well. When you smoke her you can enjoy a very tasty blend of coffee notes with hints of vanilla and guava along with subtle notes of earthiness.

All these great qualities, her nice aroma and superb high along with the fact she is very easy to grow make Peyote Cookies by Barney’s Far

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