Barney’s Farm took two of the world’s most distinguished strains and turned them into a real treat for cannabis lovers. Their Blueberry OG combines the taste and the indica power of the Blueberry with the psychoactive backbone of the famous OG Kush. This upscale hybrid doesn't just reward with a great high and a rich and delightful flavour profile: Her yields are also top notch.

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Cannabis enthusiasts who only want the best of the best should better get ready to find a nice spot to grow these new seeds from the guys at Barney’s Farm. Their new Blueberry OG combines word-class genetics into one strain that sure won’t disappoint.

On one side of Blueberry OG's parentage we have the super-popular Blueberry, an indica-dominant strain which is loved for her sheer indica power and her sweet blueberry flavour. The other part of her genetics comes from the famed OG Kush, the strain that is making up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties and which is loved for her great euphoric effect.

Seen from a grower’s perspective, Blueberry OG delights already when she’s still in the pot. The strain grows stably and reliably and is not very demanding either. The 70% Indica does well in all kinds of climates such as cool, hot or temperate so you can grow her really everywhere, indoors and outdoors. She also has a good natural resistance to mould, powdery mildew and spider-mites which makes her a very good choice even for less experienced growers.

With an average height of 100cm she grows rather compact so she can fit in tight spaces. But what she may be lacking in height she is making up for with a good number of side branches that will be brimming with sizeable buds in no time. Grown indoors, you can look forward to quite good yields of 750g/m². If you grow her outdoors in optimal conditions, you can expect to harvest as much as 1000g per plant. With a flowering time of only 55 days, she will keep things reasonable and you won’t have to wait too long until harvest.

Given her stellar genetics, we probably wouldn’t even need to mention that smoking Blueberry OG is a really fantastic experience. Her rich flavour profile blends sweet citrus notes with some kushy and musky tones, combining the distinct flavours of the Blueberry and the OG perfectly. But what is most-outstanding is her sensational effect. This awesome smoke delivers the potent indica goodness of two powerful strains to give you an extremely relaxing stone. But thanks to her OG side she follows it with a sweet euphoric psychedelic effect which makes her a fabulous strain for all kinds of occasions.

Blueberry OG by Barney’s Farm is a spectacular indica hybrid that thanks to her world-class genetics won’t disappoint. No question, she will likely find many friends among cannabis lovers who now can enjoy a hybrid that brings them Blueberry and OG Kush awesomeness in one very rewarding strain!

Data sheet

Indica dominant
Blueberry x OG Kush
Flowering time
55 - 60 days
Yield Indoor
600 gram
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month
Mid/End October
Height (cm):