Barney’s Farm collaborated with the breeders at CBD Crew to bring us this spectacular CBD-rich medicinal strain. Lemon Potion Auto shines with a very high CBD content of 15% and amazingly intense, spicy lemon aromas. Resin production is top-notch as well, making CBD Lemon Potion Auto a very good choice for making extracts and oils.

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Barney’s Farm new CBD Lemon Potion Auto is a true treat, and not just for medicinal cannabis users. Delivering high concentrations of CBD, their new creation developed in partnership with CBD Crew shines with an excellent lemon aroma and massive resin production. Those folks who want to grow top-quality medicine can take advantage of the fact that CBD Lemon Potion Auto is an autoflower, which means that she is fast, low-maintenance, and generally easy to grow. Despite this, her bud quality reigns supreme.

CBD Lemon Potion Auto is a cross between Barney’s Farm Lemon Kush, one of CBD Crew’s select CBD strains, and ruderalis. The bushy plant won’t get very tall, normally staying below 1m. This makes her ideal for all sizes of tents or rooms. What CBD Lemon Potion Auto may be lacking in height, she makes up for with tons of buds that cluster tightly together on all of her branches. Her buds don’t just have a spicy lemon fragrance that will make you excited for harvest, they will be dripping with resin. These flowers are ideal specimens for making CBD extracts and oils.

CBD Lemon Potion Auto will be ready to crop after a reasonably short 70 days post-germination. At harvest time, you can look forward to as much as 40g of aromatic CBD-loaded goodness per plant.

Among the health issues where CBD Lemon Potion Auto can potentially be of assistance are chronic pain, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, and many more. However, this lady doesn’t leave you without the benefits of a mild dose of THC either. She has about half of what she boasts in CBD in THC, giving her a slight, very mild buzz. A good choice for medicinal users who find that a small dose of THC helps with their ailments. Moreover, her balanced effects are superior for all consumers looking for a little stress relief.

Barney’s Farm and CBD Crew did a great job with their CBD Lemon Potion Auto. This upper echelon medicine delivers plenty of CBD and hits the spot with an awesome flavour. This easy-cropping cultivar is a no-brainer.

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